The joint venture consists of two factories – silk-reeling factory in Fergana city and silk-spinning factory in Tashkent. Silk-reeling factory processes sorted cocoons and produces raw silk of high quality.

The technological process of cocoons reeling stipulates output of the large amount of silk wastes, which is processed at the factory in Tashkent and becomes a finished product as well. Thus, a non-waste production was created, that is the main advantage of “Silver Silk” joint venture. 

At “Silver Silk” factory we do our best to receive highest possible quality of products produced.


As the company is comparatively
young the average age of its
employees is up to 30 years old.
All employees are perspective
and have special higher education.
Besides, the company actively
cooperates with the scientists
of Tashkent Textile
Institute – an institution training
specialists for different fields of light
industry of Uzbekistan.

We are trying to introduce
into the production process
the great knowledge and
experience possessed by the
scientists of the Institute.


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