Interactive Multimedia Presentation of “Silver Silk" Company

Download (239 Мb) 
In the given
Interactive Multimedia
Presentation you can
receive the detailed
information about
“Silver Silk Company”
Joint Venture.

The presentation consists of 7 parts:

1. About: In the given part you can have more detailed information about “Silver Silk Company” Joint Venture, about the history and aims of its establishment.

2. Production: In the given part there is information about the production process structure of factories of the Joint Venture, personnel, and photos of production process.

3. Products: This part contains photos of products, produced by factories of “Silver Silk Company” Joint Venture.

4. Equipment: the given part will acquaint you with the equipment the factories of the Joint Venture are equipped with. Also you will have the opportunity to make a “trip” about the factories, showed in the form of schemes with photos. 

5. Video: Video-films about the production process at the factory of “Silver Silk Company” Joint Venture in Fergana and Tashkent city.

6. Map: In this part there is a MAP of location of the joint venture Factories in the cities of Republic of Uzbekistan. 

7. Contacts: The part contains all the contacts of “Silver Silk Company” Joint Venture.

To load the presentation, press Download (239 Mb) 

To watch the given presentation your computer must have the installed 
Flash Player 8.0

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