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China raises not thrown raw silk export rebate rate to 15% 06.08.2009 00:02

Recently, Chinese Ministry of Finance released the latest notice of further raising the export tax rebate rate of more than 600 products, which has been implemented since June 1, 2009.

The highest rate of export tax rebate is 17 percent, including products such as the sending equipments of televisions, sewing machines, etc.

The products with export tax rebates up to 15 percent include agricultural products such as canned food and fruit juice, as well as some mechanical and electrical products, such as electric gear pump, semi-trailer, optical components, and consumer products, such as bags, shoes and hats, umbrella, hair products, toys, furniture, etc. Not thrown raw silk (5002001100-5002009000) is included.

A 13 percent tax rebates is granted to some plastic, ceramic and glass products, parts of aquatic products.

A nine percent tax rebate will go to some iron and steel products, such as steel alloy, iron and steel structures.

The export tax rebate rate of the corn starch and alcohol rises to 5%.

The full list of the products and the rate of rebates is accessible at the website of the Ministry of Finance.

Source: Ministry of Finance
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