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International Uzbek Textile Fair 05.12.2007 05:39

It was organized by Ministry of External Economic Relations, investments and trade of Republic of Uzbekistan and "Uzbekengilsanoat" State Joint-stock Company. The scentists and specialists of more than 200 leading companies, firms and factories from more than 30 countries such as Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Egipt, Republic of Korea, India, Pakistan and Turkey took part in it. 

Textile industry is in constant improving and developing. In all its branches advanced technologies and production methods are introduced, and the effective scientific developments are applied. The number of producers of products from Uzbek yarn abroad is increasing, and the amount of foreign investments attracted to the sphere as well as the number of joint stock ventures is raised. It is the result of favourable conditions and preferences secured by law, created in our country for foreign investors under the direction of the President Islam Karimov.

At the fair a number of companies functioning in our country presented their products and services. Among them there can be enumerated: «Hisar tekstil», «Silver silk», «Xiva karpet», «Buxoro teks», «Uzinterimpex», «Nurli tong», «Alkim textile», «Talyana», producing yarn, different fabrics, seasonal clothes, head gear, carpets, accessories as well as haberdashery.

"Silver Silk" Joint-stock venture took an active part in the fair and presented the visitors the specimens of its products – raw silk.



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