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The invitation of "2009 China International Silk Forum" 06.05.2009 23:03

Ladies and Gentlemen:
To strengthen exchanges and cooperation in silk industry between countries, China Silk Association has held twice International Silk Forum in Hangzhou, China in 2006 and 2007. The forum obtained active answer and participation from people in international silk circle, and played an important role in promoting development in world silk industry.

Nowadays, global financial crisis deal a hard blow to world economic development, and also take a detrimental effect in world silk industry. Facing the complex situation, we need to join hands, strengthen cooperation, help each other to bridge over the difficulties, buck for a new way to improve world silk development. Therefore, State Cocoon & Silk Coordinating Office, P.R.C., China Silk Association and Hangzhou Municipal People's Government will joint hold the "2009 China International Silk Forum" in Hangzhou, China in Oct.

The theme of this forum is Industry Development and Science & Technology Innovation. The forum will take your one day to discuss following subjects:

Subject speech: Exchange the development information of silk industry in each country for the last two years, discuss the future development of world silk industry, probe into how to expand native silk consumption and global silk trade, discuss how silk enterprises get out of the global financial crisis.
Topic for raw silk standard: China will introduce the new national standards of (GB/T1797-2008) and (GB/T1798-2008). The research progress of electronic inspection for raw silk, technical parameters, technique route, establishment of standard, development direction and ultimate target. The feedback and requirement of electronic inspection for raw silk from raw silk users. How to develop the international cooperation to promote electronic inspection for raw silk.
Topic for technology and innovation: New technology information in global silk industry, researching and developing of high performance of silk, electronic jacquard,new products of silk and new technology for dyeing-and-finishing in silk textile and other relevant contents.

During the forum we will organize all of delegates to visit the "2009 China International Silk Fair" and some companies engaged in silk Printing and Dyeing, silk garments and silk machine manufacturing in Hangzhou.

We sincerely invite you to the "2009 China International Silk Forum" and express your opinions and views on the above relevant issues, make friends and partners at the forum.

"2009 China International Silk Forum"
Organizing Committee
April 2009

China Silk Association
Address: No.56 Xi Si Bei Ba Tiao, Xicheng District, Beijing 100034, P.R. China
Contact: Ms.Shujing Lu Mr.Shawn Yang

For more details and registration, please visit our website.

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