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Tashkent factory is equipped with the equipment of leading Italian and French companies. Among them N. SCHLUMBERGER must be pointed out, whose silk-spinning equipment is well known and recognized all over the world. All hackling machines of Tashkent factory are bought from this company.



The Multifunctional
Laboratory  equipment
"IQ Qualicenter"
firms " Premier ",
effected quality control
of a silk sliver, rove
and a spun silk yarn
at the Tashkent silk-mill.


Fergana factory is equipped with modern equipment made in China. At present moment China is the leading country in production and quality of silk reeling equipment. “Silver Silk” has chosen the best Chinese producer producing modern equipment of best quality.


Historically China is the motherland of silk production that appeared on its territory 5000 years ago (for comparison, on the territory of Uzbekistan silk production appeared some 2000 years ago); this branch is considered in China a national patrimony.

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