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“Silver Silk Company” joint venture was established in 2004. The aim of joint venture establishment was to organize a silk wastes processing factory in Tashkent city. 

 The official inauguration ceremony of Tashkent silk wastes processing factory with the capacity of 100 tons of silk sliver a year was held in August 31, 2005. 

The "Silver Silk Company" factory in Tashkent city processes silk wastes and produces silk sliver which is in great demand in the world market. However, so far a large amount of wastes is still being exported from our Republic without any processing.

Basing on the need to provide the factory with wastes the Founders of “Silver Silk” decided to establish a raw silk reeling factory.
December 7, 2006 the silk-reeling factory in Fergana city started its operation.



Nowadays “Silver Silk Company” joint venture is meeting the requirements of European standards and entering the markets of countries of the Great Silk Road such as in Europe – Italy, Switzerland; in Asia – Japan, China and countries with quickly developing economy – Vietnam and India.

The Future Plans 
Likewise, the start of two more silk-spinning factories is planned in the nearest future. This project uniting 4 factories, 3 of them - silk-reeling factories, and 1 - silk-spinning one, will allow in perspective to provide fully non-waste close production.




Owing to modern
equipment allowing
to produce high-quality
products in the nearest
future the production
of “Silver Silk”
will be certified
with the ISO 9001



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